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what's new - Controlpak is Generating Experience

September 2011: New Buynow buttons on website for Modra Spares and AVR's

June 2007: COntrolpak Pty Ltd Changes its name to Controlpak International

Oct 2005 Controlpak now servicing and maintaining Carnival, Circus show and amusement park generating sets

July 2005 load testing of generator sets

May 2003 - Our international business is continuing to grow with sales to Turkey, New Zealand, Figi, and France.

January 2003 - New automatic voltage regulator product. Controlpak AVR07.

September 2001 - Alternators for GPU's. The only alternator bilt for Ground Power Units

August 2001 - New price lists for second hand diesel generator sets available.

May 2001 - Bulletins New bulletins
Battery Chargers and Power Factors.

April 2001 - Phase 2 design + layout
Controlpak website has had a design restructure with an instant increase in business and web traffic.

Feb 2001 - Quick answers to your questions. now has a quickanswers section in this website. Fill in an easy form highlighting a question that you may have regarding any electrical or mechanical problems.

Feb 2001 - Register your machinery
Register your machinery from this website. Click on this link and key into the areas provided. Controlpak wants to know more about your equipment and provide a better service.

Feb 2001 - Price lists
Visit the product section of to find your relevant prices for alternators and voltage regulators.


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• Medical Backup Power Supply
Genset Servicing, Maintenance
Alternator Spare Parts
Islands generators power
Modra spare parts
Aircraft GPU
GellCell /WetCell battery chargers
Single Phase Rectifier

Servicing Australia wide, including Islands and Figi, Tonga, Cook Islands, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Indonesia.


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